What if you could plan your next course launch to be profitable,
by design?


With The Course Creator's Profit Plan, there's no need to just cross your fingers and hope your launch will make money. You'll know exactly how to predict your revenue, costs, & profit.

Sound good?

I already know I need this

You started a business dreaming of financial freedom & impacting lives...

But instead, you feel like you're constantly focused on bringing money in, but unsure of what your bank balance will be the next month.

Let's fix that.

Yes I want to be in control of my business finances

Tell me if this sounds like you..


⦿ You are creating a course but you have no idea if your sales price will even cover your costs.

⦿ You're choosing tools and spending money and hoping this works out financially. There's really no way to plan this, is there?

⦿ You've launched before and now want to consider different pricing options, tools and strategies. You want to see the impact.


What if there was a simple way to PLAN for profit so you could project your results
instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for it?


The ultimate tool for planning a profitable course launch!

Created for aspiring & experienced course creators just like YOU, this spreadsheet tool makes it easy to plan your launch goals including course sales, launch revenue, and PROFIT.

This is for me

Using this Tool...

  • You'll quickly set up your customized course plan for profit in just 30 minutes, by simply gathering a few information pieces.
  • You'll be able to project courses sold, course costs and the amount of sales revenue you can expect from your launch.
  • You'll have the confidence you need to make informed decisions about your course expenditures.

Whether this is your first launch or your thousandth, this plug-and-play Profit Planning tool is for YOU.

Okay let's do it

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The Course Creator's Profit Plan

simple way to get a strong financial foundation in place so you can get back to running your business and know this is taken care of. 

  • You'll feel motivated to WANT to learn (vs SHOULD) your course numbers
  • You'll be able to make purchase decisions based on data, so you don't overspend on your course.
  • You'll get off the Struggle Bus over creating a profitable course launch - and get out of your own head! Let it be easy, yes?
  • You'll be ready to set goals, smart ones, stretch ones, for your launch, and for your next ones too. With confidence.
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Meet the designer of The Course Creator's Profit Plan

Christie Varner

Hi! I'm Christie, nice to meet you! I'm a 25 year CPA & business coach. 

I'm passionate about helping small business owners, gain confidence & take control of their business finances so that they can achieve their financial goals without sacrificing their happiness. 

When I'm not empowering business owners, you'll find me eating Tex Mex, drinking coffee, playing with my Havanese dog Max, or learning something (and prepping to teach others about it soon!) from Google, YouTube, or a book! 

I'm also a digital course creator, just like you. I know this tool will help you to plan for a profitable course launch. Try it!

Cheering you on & always here to support you!

No more crossing your fingers for a profitable launch. Now you can PLAN for it!

You're going to LOVE this plug-and-play Profit Planner.

With Step by Step Instructions…

…not only is every Profit Plan color-coded for your ease (and cells locked so you can’t mess anything up!) but there are step-by-step instructions available for you to walk you through what to do.  In minutes, you can have your customized profit plan for your first or next launch!

And Video Walk-Thrus …

…is it easier for you to SEE it in action? I get it! For each Profit Plan and Actual Results Analyzer, there is a short accompanying video to walk you through how to use it and also show you how to make the most of it!

PLUS Strategic Coaching…

…I’m so serious about your success in having a profitable launch that you get a special code to a discounted rate for 1:1 strategic coaching with me for those of you who now want more strategic help from a CPA with over 2 decades of experience helping small business owners succeed!

And a Course Investment Checklist …

…so you'll know what you likely will need to buy for your course launch. Each Profit Plan includes a list of typical expenses a course creator may expect to consider. This list is also completely customizable so that you can include exactly what you are considering for your profit plan.

yours today for only $47

Let's talk about what's inside the Course Creator's Profit Plan tool:

part 01

Basic Profit Plan

…to help you get your first course launched with insight into what to expect for course sales, launch revenue and profit. Within an hour (or less!), you can input some simple information from your business and see your customized results automagically calculated for you!

part 02

Adding Options Analyzer

…will an affiliate pay-out be worth it? Should I spend money on Facebook ads? What will happen if I grow my list size by 250? Or can I increase my conversion rate? With this simple Options Analyzer, you can see the impact of those decisions by inputting just a few pieces of information…and then watch your customized results automagically calculate for you!

part 03

Advanced Strategies 

…ready to take your course launch to the next level?  Well, this tool is just for you!  For every launch, you can use it to analyze the difference an upsell, tripwire, and/or paid launch strategy can make to your revenue and course profit!

part 04

Actual Results

…now that you’ve launched, it’s time to let this tool automagically calculate your conversion rate, launch revenue, and profit. You just input a few pieces of information and voila you’ll have those results. Not only will this allow you to have an informational launch debrief, but it’s also this information you’ll use for your next launch to make an even better plan for profit.  Numbers are the secret golden insight that successful businesses use.

I'm Ready for the Profit Plan! 

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